Nutanix & VMware NSX proof of concept


For the next couple of weeks ill be working on a POC for the client I’m currently working for.  The client I’m working for has many distributed systems that have a low VM foot print but due to licensing costs (thank you Oracle), their physical foot print needed to be keep to a minimum.

At each client site the hardware spec had the following components:

2 Physical ESXI Hosts (2U Each)
2x Physical Switches (1U Each)
2x Physical Load Balancers (1u Each)
1 SAN (2U)
The plain is to consolidate the SAN, load Balancers and Physical hosts into a single appliance totalling 2 U, that ahs the same compute power as the traditional host.

After discussing with various solutions with the client vendors the appliance supplied from Nutanix was identified the best solution for the deployments. The software defined networking is to be provided by VMware’s NSX to provide the Firewall, VPN and load balancing capabilities.

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