Monthly Archive: March 2016


vCenter and PSC (Platform Services Controller) considerations

With the introduction of vSphere 5.0, VMware released an appliance based virtual centre with an aim at reducing the deployment time and easing the support burden for the infrastructure and support teams. In the previous release, there was a disparity between the amount (VM’s and Hosts) the appliance and the windows deployment could support. With vSphere 6.x release, the difference...


NSX 6.2 Edge Services Gateway choices

One of the biggest issues when deploying NSX to determine what ESG, My current client. We had two options for a highly resilient deployment here is an outline of the proposed design. Option One: Stateful Active/Standby HA Model This is the redundancy model where a pair of NSX Edge Services Gateways is deployed. One of the Edge functions is in...