Monthly Archive: July 2014

Hardware for home lab 0

Hardware for home lab

After trying to decide on the hardware specifications for my home lab  i have decided to go with the HP Z800. There are a many reasons to go with this platform, including that i have 34GB of ECC ram that i have lying at home. Plus is hits the WAF on the head (Wife acceptance factor) The Workstation will have...

VCAP-DCA Objectives 0

VCAP-DCA Objectives

Ill be adding useful material and links to the various sections.   Section 1 – Implement and Manage Storage Objective 1.1 – Implement and Manage Complex Storage Solutions Objective 1.2 – Manage Storage Capacity in a vSphere Environment Objective 1.3 – Configure and Manage Complex Multipathing and PSA Plug-ins   Section 2 – Implement and Manage Networking Objective 2.1 –...



This is something that i’ve been meaning to do for years. I plan to complete the VCAP before November 2014, in future posts i’ll break down the objectives and processes needed to complete the objectives.